BlueBeaks Home

BlueBeaks is a young entrepreneurial venture established in 2011 through Bluebeaks Solutions LLP.

BlueBeaks focuses on innovative internet and mobile based products. These products leverage internet and mobile platforms to bring products and services to the users in an effective and enjoyable manner. Details about some of these products can be read under “Business Lines” section.

BlueBeaks also provides consulting, training and application development services in information technology space.

BlueBeaks believes in “Innovate, Execute, Innovate”. Continuous innovation backed by detailed and flawless execution forms the corner stone of BlueBeak’s business philosophy.

The heart, brain and muscles behind BlueBeaks is a group of young, dynamic and passionate professionals trained in technology and business management from some of the leading institutes of India. These brave hearts have decided to tread the exciting path of entrepreneurship in preference to lucrative service careers.

This team is mentored by a senior software and business consulting professional who holds engineering and business management degrees from some of the top ranking institutes in India and has vast global experience with some of the world’s leading information technology and business consulting companies.